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This year’s layout of the bazaar is designed with our attendees as well as our vendors in mind. It is our aim to maximize the exposure of each and every booth to give our attendees a full shopping experience as well as position Muslim small businesses to flourish and succeed.

The prices and availability are listed below. All kiosks are 10×10 ft and are in pipes and drapes. Each booth is comprised of one table and two chairs and is designed to allow for an inviting feel for our attendees to browse the bazaar. You are more than welcome to move the table around to make it fit your needs.

If you wish to have access to electricity, please be advised that there will be a surcharge of $159 per plug (one plug per booth). You can add that option when purchasing the booth. There is no access to the public internet at the GRB at this time, but you are more than welcome to use your mobile phone for tethering.

Also, note that the use of balloon is prohibited at the GRB. Any vendor who violates this policy will be charged $1000 per balloon (per the GRB rules). If you have any questions, please email us at

Floor Plan

Bazaar layout

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